Solegear Bioplastic Technologies (TSX-V:SGB) is an innovator in the field of next-generation plastics. The company is an advanced materials firm that engineers, produces and distributes high-performance bioplastics.

High-performance bioplastics are a category of plastics that are bio-based, compostable, or both.

Founded in 2006, Solegear has developed and is commercializing proprietary bioplastics technologies. These technologies utilize annually renewable plant-based ingredients formulated using green chemistry and address the growing North American market opportunity for rigid consumer packaging and durable plastic goods.

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Investment Highlights

  • Bioplastics are forecasted to replace 7% of all plastic by 2020
  • The bioplastics market is estimated to grow to over $20 Billion by 2019
  • Solegear is the largest bioplastic company in Canada by market share
  • Solegear’s bioplastics adapt easily into clients’ existing manufacturing processes
  • Outsourced production model provides capital efficiency, lower overall costs and global distribution
  • Client roster includes some of the largest retailers in the world

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