Quadron Cannatech Corp.

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Quadron Cannatech Corp. (CSE:QCC) focuses on authorized cannabis automated and extraction processing and sales of end user delivery solutions such as vape pens, capsules and other safer consumption solutions for patients.

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Quadron Cannatech CEO: We See the Trend Moving Towards Cannabis Oil Extraction

Jul 24, 2017      |    Quadron Cannatech, 2017 News

Rosy Mondin, CEO of Quadron Cannatech Corporation On Cannabis Legislation

Jul 18, 2017      |    Quadron Cannatech, 2017 News

Exclusive Interview with CEO of Quadron Cannatech, Rosy Mondin

Jul 4, 2017      |    Quadron Cannatech, 2017 News

Quadron Cannatech Added to CSE Composite Index, and Jointly Markets with The Can…

Jun 19, 2017      |    Quadron Cannatech, 2017 News, Client News

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