California’s Booming Cannabis Industry Has Investors Looking for The Next Big Opportunity

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  • Monday, November 25th, 2019

The Canadian Cannabis Industry Has Already Taken Off And Saw Early Stage Investors Profit Millions. Now This Publicly Traded MicroCap Company Is Well Positioned To Benefit From The Next Wave Of U.S. Cannabis Investments

The Canadian cannabis investment wave was strong, but not everyone got on board. By the time legalization came into effect on October 17, 2018, many investors had already cashed in on the $5.6 billion market.[1] Now investors are gearing up for an even bigger wave approaching the US. The licensed cannabis market in the US is projected to reach USD$21.6 billion by 2021.[2] The United States’ cannabis regulations relating to legalization are moving quickly and investors are scrambling to find the best opportunities.

This public opportunity gives investors a direct path to private companies that investors typically don’t have access to. In addition, this public opportunity holds a strong cash position and a much lower market capitalization than many of the publicly listed US cannabis companies that have seen investors earn multiple returns on their investments.

This MicroCap Company Provides Investors With Unique Access to Private Companies

Today, some of the most lucrative ventures in cannabis are inaccessible to the majority of investors. Private companies are providing a variety of unique services that most investors may never hear about. This forward looking company sources these unique opportunities before they are available to investors. In return for providing funding to these private companies, it structures its deals to  receive a percentage of their future revenues meaning shareholders will also benefit as these companies execute on their business plans.  

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Could this MicroCap Company Be The Next Big Mover In the US Cannabis Industry?

This company’s investee portfolio spans a range of unique businesses, all with big revenue potential.  The US legal cannabis market was valued at USD$11.9 billion in 2018.[3] California continues to hold the largest market share out of this, representing roughly USD$2.51 billion in 2018 sales.[4] BDS Analytics expects California’s consumer spending for cannabis will continue to grow at a CAGR of 19% over the next five years.[5]

This Company’s Timing Could Lead To Exciting Returns

Global trends are showing a paradigm shift from cannabis flower sales to infused products, such as edibles. To capitalize on this pivot in the industry, it most recently added the company QVI, Inc. to its portfolio. QVI is a cannabis infused product manufacturer in Sonoma, California that is currently executing its three-phase development program and expects US$10 million in revenue[6] in its first 12-months once fully operational. QVI is approaching completion of its build and is experiencing greater than anticipated demand for its services. The company expects to be in commercial operation in Q4 2019.

Interview with Annie Holman, Co-Founder of QVI, Inc. (July 2019)

With an expected USD$10 million in sales in its first year of operation and continued revenue growth expected to follow, QVI could make this microcap company profitable from this one investment alone.


This Public Company Holds Three Other Private Companies That Target
The Growing Licensed Cannabis Market in the U.S. 

Aside from QVI, this company holds three additional private companies in its investment portfolio. One of these additional investees is ezGreen Compliance, also known as ezGreen. This private company utilizes state-of-the-art technology to provide a unique point-of-sale software solution for licensed cannabis dispensaries and cultivators to tackle the problem of compliance and cannabis tracking across the US. 

Investing in This Public Company Gives Investors The Opportunity To Be On The Ground Floor With Four Early Stage Opportunities Poised For Growth in the next wave of the US Cannabis Boom

With a total of four unique businesses in this company’s investee portfolio, investors are given the exclusive opportunity to benefit from a range of private companies that are poised for growth. 


By investing in a high margin business model, you are tapping into the world’s largest cannabis market through this company’s carefully selected portfolio. California’s cannabis market is only getting bigger, allowing shareholders to capitalize on these early stage investment opportunities before anyone else.  

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  1. Portfolio of early stage growth companies provides investors with a unique opportunity to access private cannabis companies in California;

  2. Strong cash position, relatively low market cap and expects positive operating income to commence in calendar 2020;

  3. Royalty business model is structured to generate scalable positive income as the company receives a percentage of the top line revenue generated by its investee companies;

  4. The portfolio ranges across various industries, maximizing potential revenues from the top-performing sectors;

  5. Management team is well-connected and forward looking. Directors and advisors have a strong history of success.








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