FinCanna Forges Ahead in California’s Licensed Medical Cannabis Market

On December 29, 2017,  FinCanna Capital Corp. (CSE:CALI)  began trading on the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE), and represents a unique investment opportunity in the licensed medical cannabis industry.

It was reported that C$14 million was raised to support the development of a licensed medical cannabis facility in Coachella, California. Their approach could help avoid  issues that could face the recreational side of the industry moving into the new year.

Please see below for an excerpt to the CFN article, with details on the new memo from Jeff Sessions, and the move forward with medical cannabis.

“Based on the nature of the memo from Sessions and the public response from several U.S. attorneys, we don’t expect any real impact on the growth potential of the licensed medical cannabis industry operating legally under state laws and the companies in which we seek to invest,” said FinCanna Capital CEO Andriyko Herchak. “We will continue to pursue our business strategy of investing in best-in-class businesses in the licensed medical cannabis industry that operate in full compliance with all state laws and local regulations.”