Quadron CEO Rosy Mondin On Recent Cannabis Legislation News

Rosy Mondin, CEO of Quadron Capital Corp. (CSE:QCC) and Executive Director of the Cannabis Trade Alliance of Canada, has been involved in providing recommendations to government regarding legislation for the legalized cannabis industry. With the recent development made by CBC News that the government plans to legalize recreational cannabis use by July 2018, Rosy had this to say,

Quadron welcomes the federal government’s timeline and direction for the legalization of cannabis in Canada. This makes sense. It provides certainty and confidence to the public, the markets and the industry overall, taking into account health, safety and security concerns. Quadron is excited about this news as it aligns with our strategic long-term growth in this burgeoning industry.

An excerpt as well as the link to the full CBC News article on the legislative changes can be found below.


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