Siyata Mobile Featured in StockSyndicate

With the rise in demand for devices that streamline communication and productivity, Siyata Mobile Inc. (TSX-V:SIM | OTC PINK:SIMFF) is dominating the market with their solution of an all-in-one cellular device with cellular network to fleet operators and enterprises, writes StockSyndicate.

An excerpt as well as a link to the full StockSyndicate article can be found below:

“Siyata is scaling, bigtime. What started out as a shell only a few years back, has now become a revenue generating machine. Put simply, they solved a whole lot of problems for fleet trucks and enterprises requiring better communication. Their flagship UV350 device is an all-in-one cellular based platform for voice, data management, applications and PTT. Combining a batch of formerly disconnected systems into one device simplifies life and increases productivity and safety as well.”

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