Kin Communications is Canada’s leading full-service investor relations firm experienced in building research and goal-driven campaigns that deliver value for both our clients and investor networks.

We have a proven track record of generating measurable interest in companies, building an active shareholder base and establishing share liquidity through the effective delivery and execution of communications that differentiate our clients from their peers.

We believe in building market value through strategic consultation, financial marketing, brand positioning, and targeted investor communications. At Kin, we love what we do and are passionate about helping our clients and investor network succeed as our portfolio realizes its full potential.

Key Personnel

Arlen Hansen
President & CEO

Caleb Jeffries
VP Investor Relations

Melissa Toong
Marketing Coordinator

Natalie Danieli
Executive Assistant

Trenton Kwan
Account Manager

Sebastian Kunysz
Account Manager

Victor Ostlund
Account Manager

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