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Can Venzee be the Next Industry Disruptor?

July 18, 2019

The strategic partnership announced earlier this year between Venzee and Riversand continues to develop, positioning Venzee to be a major industry disruptor.

Venzee announced today that Riversand has advanced its integration with Venzee’s Mesh API. Currently, Riversand’s integration features automated distribution of product content for clients, complete with two-way communication. Now that it has integrated further with Venzee’s Mesh API, Riversand can connect their clients directly to retailers to automate the distribution of complete, accurate, and consumer-relevant product attributes.

What this means is that Venzee’s distribution platform will combine with Riversand’s core technology and be demonstrated to Riversand’s clients, which represent some of the largest brands, manufacturers, and retailers in the world.*

Channel partnerships such as this, allow Venzee to combine with supply chain technology providers and ultimately serve the massive consumer demand for accurate, detailed content.


*Some of Riversand’s Customers 




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