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Ransomware 101: What You Need To Know Now

June 19, 2017

Everyone has witnessed the latest wave of cyber-attacks and the devastating effects it has on both corporate bottom lines and more importantly individuals personal information. We at Kin Communications have been working with Identillect Technologies Corp. (TSX-V:ID | OTCQB: IDTLF), a leading provider of proprietary email encryption service Delivery Trust™ for over a year.

Todd Sexton, CEO of Identillect Technologies, sits down with us and answers some questions about the recent ransomware cyber-attacks such as “WannaCry”, and how businesses and individuals can protect themselves from this potential threat.

An excerpt, as well as link to the full interview can be found below.

Arlen: As user data increasingly shifts to digital and online formats, are the number of ransomware attacks expected to increase and should consumers be worried?

Todd: We will definitely see a rise in the number of ransomware attacks. Consumers would be well advised to be proactive rather than worried. With the right email security and internal policies in place, you can drastically reduce your vulnerabilities of future ransomware attacks.

Click here for the full interview

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