Exclusive Interview with Craig Parry, President of IsoEnergy

Investing News had the chance to sit down with Craig Parry, President and CEO of IsoEnergy Ltd. (TSX-V:ISO) to discuss the current uranium market trends, latest acquisitions and upcoming exploration work on the Athabasca Basin Properties.

An excerpt as well as a link to the full article can be found below:

““Another great advantage for us is that we acquired these properties from NexGen, our biggest shareholder currently owning 72 percent of the stock. NexGen is a very supportive shareholder and can help raise capital. We also have a track record of success in exploration in recent times in the Athabasca, and that has given us the ability to raise money. Last November, we completed $11 million worth of financing for IsoEnergy. We are very much committed to doing what we say we will do, testing the targets and exploring those properties. We have spent a fair bit of money on exploration drilling so far, but we still have around $6 million in the bank.”

Craig Parry, President of IsoEnergy