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Legal cannabis market much larger than expected

October 24, 2017

Written by David Brown, Director of Communications at

Oraclepoll Research earlier this year surveyed 5000 Canadians about their perception of cannabis. For companies like Quadron Cannatech Corporation (CSE:QCC), this positive research – including the doubling of projections in active cannabis consumers in Canada – positions the company and the industry as a whole to capture this increased consumer numbers as Canada prepares itself for legalization in 2018.

Below is an exceprt to an article, written by , which details the in-depth perceptions of Canadians, as the country looks to a greener future.

After seeing what he felt was a lack of solid data about the future of the Canadian cannabis market, Colin Firth teamed up with Oraclepoll Research earlier this year to produce the Canadian Cannabis Report, an in-depth, 75-question survey of 5,000 Canadians completed this past summer.

““Our data shows that currently, we have seven million admitted cannabis consumers in Canada, and over 11 million projected users over 18—double what the projections have been and what the government has been using as baseline numbers.”

Key Data Points

  • 65% of all respondents believe that licensed growers should be able to open up their own retail store once legal.
  • 77% of current and potential cannabis users will purchase cannabis products from licensed growers (bodes well for the industry).
  • 63% of respondents favour a straight retail model. 30% prefer an online option.


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