You Are What You…Produce

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  • Friday, November 29th, 2019

On average, 74,000 microplastic particles are consumed by humans per year. These tiny particles are smaller than five millimeters and come from nearly every object in our daily lives. Although the particles are tiny, they have large impacts on our ecosystems and societies. Microplastics are found in the air we breathe, water we drink, and food we eat, and since they come from different sources, there could potentially be hundreds of different chemical additives in one tiny sample of particles that are toxic to humans.

This horrific news is made worse with the fact that plastic does not biodegrade. Through the plastic-making process, long polymer chains are created that organisms do not recognize and cannot break down naturally. In essence, every bit of plastic material that gets produced accumulates on our planet, with only 8% of it getting recycled annually.

Luckily, good natured® has recognized this significant issue and created a way to help combat plastic pollution. According to National Geographic, 40% (161 tonnes) of single-use plastic produced comes from packaging materials. good natured®’s packaging products are made with 99% plant-based materials, meaning that their products are not only healthier for the planet, but also healthier for you!

With over 100 plant-based food packaging designs, 10 grades of bioplastic rollstock sheets, 30 home & business organizational products, good natured® is committed to help overcome this global plastic issue.