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Grown Here Farms Switches to good natured® Plant-based Packaging to Meet Micro Greens Demand

October 3, 2018

Vancouver, BCgood natured Products Inc. (TSX-V:GDNP) (the “Company” or “good naturedTM”), is pleased to announce its growing relationship with British Columbia-based Grown Here Farms, as they expand production to meet the high demand for locally grown, organic micro greens. As part of this program, good natured® is supplying Grown Here Farms with plant-based packaging to support an expanded assortment of micro greens, as well as new seasonal produce lines, such as cherry tomatoes.

For Grown Here Farms, a desire for impactful change and sustainability are the foundations on which the company was built, and making the switch to good natured® plant-based packaging was about more than just reducing reliance of fossil fuels. For certified organic farms like Grown Here, reassuring customers that the packaging they use contains no BPAs, phthalates or other chemicals of concern commonly found in petroleum-based packaging is of critical importance. This, coupled with innovative design features of good natured® packaging, including inter-locking seals to keep produce fresher as well as packaging features that enhance visibility of the fresh greens made the switch to good natured® packaging that much more straightforward.

“Since implementing good natured® packaging, we’ve had nothing but positive comments from our customers. Based on this feedback, we’ve now rolled it out across other product lines, from our cherry tomato medley to the baby potato fusion,” said Krystine McInnes, CEO of Grown Here Farms. Krystine continued, “The versatility of the good natured® design has not only made our operations more efficient, but is playing a key role in strengthening our brand recognition with uniformity across our packaging and our sustainable proposition.”

Paul Antoniadis, CEO of good natured® added: “We’re thrilled to be part of Grown Here Farms’ incredible growth story and are looking forward to continuing to support Krystine and her team on their exciting journey! This relationship reinforces our approach to deliver packaging that’s better for the planet and also better designed for retail and for our customers’ overall business operations.”

Unlike petroleum-based plastic, good natured® food packaging is made with 99% plant-based materials and no BPAs, phthalates or other chemicals of concern. good natured® is actively helping businesses like Grown Here Farms kick fossil fuels to the curb by providing them with plant-based, planet-friendly packaging that’s competitively priced and cleverly designed.

About Grown Here Farms

Grown Here Farms embodies a pure, sustainable lifestyle in every stage of our cultivation process. We believe that what goes into how a product is made or grown is just as important as what comes out. We believe in transparency in the supply chain – that you should know what is in your food, who grew it and how it was produced. And we believe that there is a reason why grandma’s food taste so much better than any other meal; it is the love that goes into it.

Privately held, entirely female owned and led, Grown Here Farms is proud to make positive impacts on the environment by growing fresh, pure food that reflects a conscious lifestyle. We don’t partake in conventional agricultural practices. No pesticides, no chemicals, our products are planted biologically in the soil and grown in natural sunlight and water.

Grown Here Farms supply a variety of businesses in the Lower Mainland, including grocers such as Choices Markets, Stong’s and Thrifty Foods.

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About good natured Products Inc.

With over 100 plant-based food packaging designs, 10 grades of bioplastic rollstock sheets, 30 home & business organizational products and a world class team of scientists, business builders and retailers, good natured® is producing and distributing one of North America’s widest assortments of consumer products and packaging made from the highest possible percentage of renewable, plant-based materials and no BPAs, phthalates or other chemicals of concern.

Committed to doing what’s right for the planet and right for business, good natured® is creating better everyday products® that combine cutting-edge bioplastic technology and the latest sustainable design features that not only look good, but maximize shelf space, drive incremental sales, enhance logistics and boost environmental benefits, all bundled up in a fresh and friendly brand.

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Paul Antoniadis – Executive Chair & CEO
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