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The Kin Difference

Small Cap Problems.
Kin Communications Solutions.

IR Magazine’s Q4 2019 survey asked both the buy-side and sell-side what the largest challenges are for small cap (<$1B Mkt Cap) companies. The two most common comments were:


Investors are concerned about having money tied up in small-cap companies, whether they can get enough investment in the first place and whether they can readily get out of that position when needed.


Investors often feel there is not enough data on small-cap companies for them to make an informed investment decision. They are also concerned about the lack of transparency at small caps and whether these companies are able to regularly provide investors with the information they need.

The Kin Difference.
Measurable Results.

Our online and offline activities have built a track record of success with clients across a broad range of sectors. These activities allow clients to build an active  shareholder base, to establish liquidity through effective delivery and execution of communication, and to successfully differentiate our clients from their peers.

Case Studies


Initiation Date

90 Day Average Before
volume: 204,945
volume ($): 66,080
Trades: 100
90 Day Average After
Volume: 361,894  +202%
Volume ($): 619,363  +837%
Trades: 207  +697

KORE Mining came on as a client on April 29, 2020 and was exploring gold resources in both California, USA, and British Columbia, Canada. Through a combination of traditional outreach through Kin’s vast network of investment professionals, social media campaigns, and targeted investor relations programs, kin successfully raised awareness around KORE increasing volume, trading value and number of trades. This set the stage for KORE to successfully spinout its Canadian properties into a new entity, Karus Gold, which helped unlock further value in their assets.

4Front Ventures CSE:FFNT | OTCQX:FFNTF

Initiation Date

90 Day Average Before
volume: 316,213
volume ($): 261,338
Trades: 145
90 Day Average After
Volume: 692,578  +119%
Volume ($): 760,832  +191%
Trades: 572  +296%

4Front Ventures is a US cannabis multi-state operator (MSO) that manufactures and distributes a portfolio of over 25 cannabis brands. 4Front joined Kin October 30, 2020. Our processes focused on bringing attention to a lesser known, but highly successful, MSO that matured in the hyper competitive Washington market. Kin operated retail focused campaigns at-scale that drove appreciation in the value of the company and increased liquidity through heightened awareness.

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