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CEO Bentsur Joseph Decides to Take A2Z Advanced Solutions into the Civilian Market – Why You Should Be Paying Attention

December 19, 2019

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Benstur Joseph, the CEO of A2Z Advanced Solutions announced their plan to enter the civilian market. According to his announcement, A2Z Advanced Solutions is all set to go public in Canada and it will be listed in the TSX-V Exchange (Toronto Stock Exchange) after it enters the market. Already an established player in the robotics industry and a steady supplier of robotic solutions to the IDF (Israel Defence Force), this move will help the company to diversify and gain independence from relying solely on defense contracts.

It’s not entirely uncommon for major defense manufacturers to diversify and enter the civilian markets. Boeing, for instance, makes military aircraft such as the F-18 and A-64 Apache for the US military. It also has also diversified and is one of the biggest names in the commercial aircraft industry. This very diversification allows these major defense manufacturers to keep their shareholders happy even when there is a dwindling of military contracts.

A2Z Advanced Solutions is Unlike Any Robotics Startup

Tech nerds often get excited about new startups and robotic innovations. However, for a lot of startups, the dream of making it big in the civilian market remain unrealized. Startups often struggle to accumulate the funds to see through the tough times and are often forced to look for investors mid-way. Their constant struggle to gather funds from investors and crowdfunding platforms often end up diluting their core goals.

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