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How Quadron Cannatech is Bossing the Extraction Market

Quadron Cannatech Corporation (CSE:QCC) features in Equity Guru for its product, a CO2 extraction device called the ‘BOSS,’ that provides innovation in cannabis extraction. With automated controls, a high-capacity vessel for … Read More

Trump Commits To Support States’ Rights On Legalized Marijuana

President Trump has given his word to support congressional efforts that aim to protect states that have legalized marijuana. Senate Republican Cory Gardner has confirmed in a statement Friday, that … Read More

CEO Peter MacKay: Venzee Positioned for Continued Success Throughout 2018

Venzee Technologies Inc. (TSX-V: VENZ) CEO, Peter MacKay, comments on the Company’s growth in sales, leadership and long-term goals. Addressing an underserved market, Venzee is confident that the Company can acquire sizeable … Read More

Peekaboo Beans U.S. Expansion Will Drive Its Bottom Line

2018 has seen a strong start for Peekaboo Beans Inc (TSX-V:BEAN). The Company reported the largest jump in stylist recruitment in the Company’s history, with an increase of 1600% in the first … Read More

Peekaboo Beans & Direct Sales

Peekaboo Beans Inc (TSX-V:BEAN) has been featured in Pinnacle Digest for the company’s aggressive sales forecasts, measurable revenue and profit growth. Peekaboo Beans is set to continue driving sales through its … Read More

Venzee Technologies Inc: A SaaS Model Gaining Enterprise Traction In A Very Big …

The retail industry is still run on spreadsheets. Sharing accurate product information to suppliers and distributors is still a major issue, and one Venzee Technologies Inc. (TSX-V: VENZ) has solved. Peter Bell, … Read More

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