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5 Questions with Siyata Mobile US VP Sales Jason DePue


January 9, 2020

Siyata Mobile (SIM:TSXv, SYATF:OTCQX) recently appointed Jason DePue as VP Sales in the US to cover the ATT/FirsNet account within the organization. With his 18 years of experience selling Cellular and IoT solutions to public safety and industrial customers, I thought he would be an excellent resource for readers to understand what he sees in Siyata Mobile, and in particular, the Uniden UV350 in-vehicle Internet-of-Things (IoT) device, what is so unique about the device, and a little more of the macro picture in the shift for the end-customer to move towards devices that offer much more functionality for less.

Arlen HansenJason, thank you for your time today. First of all, can you give me a brief background of your direct experience in the public safety and enterprise B2B communications market?

Jason Depue:  Absolutely. Over the years, I have come to appreciate the longer relationships that are formed with customers in the enterprise space.  Unlike a single point consumer transaction, enterprise transactions become a longer-term interaction.  Trust is established and relationships are formed and, in some cases, you really are finding solutions that are for true life and death situations!  At this point, I feel that public safety and enterprise communication solutions are in my blood with some very unique experiences in rugged devices and accessories.  I have had senior sales roles with Sonim TechnologiesKyocera International, Cricket Communications, and AT&T specific to this market. I have an intimate understanding of both the consumer and business sales organization with an in-depth knowledge of the multiple sales segments and verticals, product and marketing organizations of AT&T’s Mobility Business Solutions organization. Teams I have led or have been a part of have sold hundreds of millions of dollars of enterprise solutions through these carriers and I have built a network of both end customers and carrier relationships.

AH: You are clearly very well experienced in this industry. So, what did you see in Siyata that excited you to lead the US sales efforts?

JD: With just the basic example of over 1 million new FirstNet™ connections, there is a clearly defined paradigm shift for first responders and enterprises that want solutions with guaranteed reliability, higher safety, functionality, and improved worker efficiencies. When it comes to the Uniden UV350 IoT in-vehicle device, you really are looking at a first of its kind, purpose-built device with nothing else on the market now, or from what I am seeing, in the foreseeable future. It has “first mover status” that is FirstNet Ready™, and is available through Verizon while reducing both CAPEX and OPEX for customers that opt in for advanced 4G and next generation network coverage.

AH:  Can you specifically talk about how it increases functionality, with the added benefit of cost savings? 

JD: The UV350 is an all-in-one device and allows the user to customize their experience to fit their organizational needs. For example, if you want a Mobile Device Management (MDM)Fleet ManagementElectronic Logging Device (ELD), SOS software like Crisis Go, or field services like AT&T Workforce Manager, and Push-to-Talk Solutions such as ePTTESChatZello or Mobile Tornado, it’s all customized to how an organization sees fit. You don’t need to clutter the inside of the vehicle with five different pieces of hardware, multiple data packages, and various hardware and software that don’t speak to each other. It’s all here, in one device, saving CAPEX and OPEX while significantly improving efficiencies, safety, and greatly enhancing network coverage when you move to a carrier grade cellular network like AT&T or Verizon. I know our customers will benefit from augmenting or replacing their existing solutions and that is witnessed by our existing customer testimonials and the cost benefit analysis.

AH: Where do you believe the low hanging fruit is for Siyata?

JD: Frankly, the entire first responder and enterprise vehicle market in the United States.  The market has been dominated for the last twenty years by costly single purpose hardware and software that can all now stand to benefit from the UV350 unified solution. As an example, there are approximately five hundred thousand yellow school buses alone in the United States that suffer from a lack of limited land mobile radio coverage (LMR) when they drive outside of their network coverage area. It makes so much sense to ensure they have nationwide coverage for not only when they are using the buses for evacuation in a state of emergency, but even driving children outside of their network coverage area for field trips or sporting events. That alone is an enormous opportunity. But when you layer in police, EMS, fire, waste management, utilities, State Department of Transportation, and the commercial fleet market, the opportunity is twenty times the size of the yellow school bus market.

AH: Lastly, can you tell me how this also benefits the carriers like AT&TFirstNetVerizonBellRogers and STC?

JD: Well first of all, carriers don’t launch a device unless they see immense opportunity to grow their subscriber base or grow their ARPU. But the beauty is, they can benefit from all of this while bringing their customer a much more robust device with significant cost savings. They aren’t gouging their customers, they are bringing their customers a much more advanced solution, for much less cost and increased safety. It’s a win for both sides, increased revenue for the carriers, and lower long-term costs for the customers. In the end, Siyata will benefit from the growing enterprise relationship.

AH: Thank you Jason for your insight and time. I look forward to seeing the value you bring to the Siyata sales organization.

Arlen Hansen
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