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CEO of Siyata Mobile, Marc Seelenfreund Featured on Capital Ideas TV

July 4, 2017

Capital Ideas Research Publisher Mark Bunting talks to the CEO of Siyata Mobile, Marc Seelenfreund, as he discusses the next generation of two-way radio. Marc also discusses Siyata Mobile’s first mover advantage of the Push-to-Talk Over Cellular industry, which could be worth north of $8billion.

“I think that we are a very early stage company, and I think that even though we expect to do $20million in sales this year, I think that we are still a start-up company. Simply because we’re going after much much larger scale markets with much more innovative devices. They’re all 4G, they’re all Qualcomm based with the latest chipsets. So, we think that we’ll be able to get into much large scale markets with much more innovative devices, and therefore I think that this will grow our sales dramatically in the years to come. So I think that really we’re still a very early stage company right now.” – Marc Seelenfreund, CEO, Siyata Mobile

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