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Venzee in the News Following BTL Partnership

February 5, 2018

Venzee Technologies Inc. (TSX-V: VENZ) recently announced a partnership with BTL Group, where BTL will utilize Venzee’s Mesh blockchain product.

In terms of the partnership, Mesh is being offered in conjunction with BTL’s platform called Interbit. Mesh greatly simplifies the process of connecting existing systems and moving data for BTL’s customers and will be offered to their clients to onboard them quicker, this means Mesh will have BTL to push their product to their customers.

Below is a series of articles and links featuring the partnership.

Venzee Expands Further into Blockchain With BTL Group Partnership

By Jocelyn Aspa

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Venzee and BTL Team up to Simplify Blockchain Integration

By Adriana Hamacher

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