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How Much Graphite Does the US Produce?

December 11, 2019

How Much Graphite Does the US Produce?  Surprisingly for some, the answer is zero. Despite graphite being a significant factor for lithium-ion EV batteries—a market that is undeniably going to continue growing—the US still relies 100% on foreign supply for this natural material.

Graphite One Inc. (TSX-V:GPH / OTCQX:GPHOF) aims to change this.

The company’s Graphite Creek Project is America’s highest grade and largest known, large flake graphite deposit. Located 37 miles north of Nome, Alaska, this property covers over 23,000 acres of land and could potentially become an American producer of high grade Coated Spherical Graphite (“CSG”) that is integrated with a domestic graphite resource.

Recent news from the company announced that material from the Graphite Creek Project is being tested by a major US multinational electric vehicle manufacturer.

In addition, Alaska Governor Michael J. Dunleavy submitted a letter to the President of the United States requesting that the company’s Graphite Creek Project be designated a high-priority infrastructure project (“HPIP”).

Graphite One is definitely an exciting company to keep an eye on. To stay up to date on the latest news, [spu popup=”3649″]subscribe here.[/spu]

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